Introducing our plain bagels, crafted with a dedication to freshness and the use of real, honest ingredients. We take pride in offering breads without preservatives, ensuring that you can enjoy a delicious and wholesome bagel experience.

Our plain bagels are made with care, using a locally grown, stone-milled type 00 flour called Yecora Rojo. This exceptional flour sets our bagels apart from those made with conventional white flour, as it contributes to a superior taste and texture. The result is a bagel that boasts a chewy interior and a perfectly golden crust, making it the ideal canvas for your favorite spreads, toppings, and sandwich fillings.

For optimal freshness, we recommend enjoying our bagels within 24 hours of purchase or freezing them to preserve their delightful taste and texture. This commitment to freshness allows our plain bagels to showcase the natural flavors of their high-quality ingredients, including the unique Yecora Rojo flour.

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Flour, Water, Malt Syrup, Sea Salt, Yeast
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