Sea Salt from SAI – Sali Alimentari e Industriali srl

Our bakery is proud to offer the very same Sea Salt that we use in our delicious baked goods. Harvested from the historic salt-works of Margherita di Savoia, this fine sea salt not only adds the perfect touch of flavor to our recipes, but also carries with it a storied past that dates back to the Roman Empire.

Margherita di Savoia, once known as Salinis, was a major salt supplier during the Roman Empire, exporting its prized salt throughout the Mediterranean Basin and the East. The city was even renamed in honor of the Queen of Italy, who visited in 1879.

The salt-works have been carefully cultivated and improved over the centuries, with significant contributions from renowned architects and engineers such as Luigi Vanvitelli in 1754 and Pier Luigi Nervi in 1930.

This Sea Salt is dried at an optimal 220°C (428°F) to preserve its natural flavor and texture. As one of the biggest salt-works in Europe, SAI – Sali Alimentari e Industriali srl takes great pride in maintaining their tradition of excellence, and we’re thrilled to share this time-honored ingredient with you.

Incorporate this salt into your home baking to experience the taste of history, and elevate your culinary creations with a touch of Mediterranean magic. Ideal for both sweet and savory recipes, this versatile sea salt is a must-have for any pantry.

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