Martinelli’s 100% Pure Apple Juice is a beverage made from handpicked apples grown in California. Established in 1868 by Stephen G. Martinelli Sr., the company has been producing apple juice for over a century in Watsonville, California.

The juice is created using ripe apples that are selected for their natural flavor and sweetness. The production process involves pressing the apples to extract the juice, resulting in a clear, golden liquid that retains the characteristics of fresh apples.

The flavor of Martinelli’s Apple Juice is a balance of sweetness and tartness, and the juice has a noticeable apple aroma. It is made without added sugars, concentrates, or artificial ingredients, prioritizing the natural taste of the apples.

Martinelli’s glass bottles, which are distinctively shaped like an apple, have become recognizable symbols of the brand. The company values its history and commitment to quality, and its apple juice has gained recognition over the years for its authentic taste.

Product Details

pasteurized 100% apple juice made from U.S. grown fresh apples.
made in ♡ dallas tx
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