Seth’s favorite chocolate bar of all time – now available from the Lenore’s Pantry.

Discover the delightful taste of Valrhona Gianduja – Noisette Noir, a 32% hazelnut-infused chocolate bar that’s enjoyable on its own or as a versatile spread. Crafted with 29% cacao and a generous portion of hazelnuts, this gianduja offers a pleasing combination of chocolate and nutty flavors that sets it apart from ordinary hazelnut spreads.
Gianduja, a harmonious fusion of chocolate and hazelnut paste, has an Italian heritage dating back to the early 1800s. Its creation emerged from necessity when a chocolatier resourcefully combined local hazelnuts with scarce cacao liquor, resulting in an enticing blend of earthy, bitter, and sweet flavors. Today, gianduja is widely enjoyed, whether it’s the familiar taste of Nutella on toast or an artisan-crafted gianduja truffle.

Valrhona, a brand known for its dedication to producing high-quality chocolates for professional chefs, brings you this Noisette Noir Gianduja with the same commitment to quality. Sourcing only fine cacao beans from dedicated farmers, Valrhona captures the essence of each growing region’s unique terroir, creating chocolates with balanced flavors.

Choose Valrhona Noisette Noir Gianduja as a deliciously gluten-free, kosher, and fair trade certified alternative to traditional hazelnut spreads, and appreciate the enjoyable blend of chocolate and hazelnut in every bite.

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