Republica del Cacao’s Dark Chocolate Ecuador 65%, a single-origin chocolate that showcases the unique flavors and characteristics of Ecuadorian cacao. With a minimum of 65% cacao solids, this dark chocolate offers a bold and captivating taste experience.

The use of organic panela sugar, a traditional unrefined sugar produced by local sugar cane farmers near Quito, adds depth and richness to the chocolate. Its initial acidity gives way to notes of tropical and candied fruits, culminating in a powerful, long-lasting finish. The added cacao butter ensures that the chocolate is not only perfect for molding, but also suitable for enrobing or hand dipping.

We are proud to feature this exceptional dark chocolate in our Chocolate Chip Cookies and Dark Cherry Chocolate Cream Cheese. Its distinctive flavor profile and high-quality ingredients elevate these treats to new heights, offering a taste of Ecuador’s finest cacao in every bite. Experience the unique flavors of Republica del Cacao’s Dark Chocolate Ecuador 65% in our delectable creations and indulge in the rich, fruity, and nutty nuances of this extraordinary chocolate.

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