The Potato Sandwich Loaf is a delightful and wholesome bread crafted with carefully selected ingredients that contribute to its unique taste and texture. Made with local heritage flour that is finely milled in the style of Italian 00 flour, the loaf boasts a light and tender crumb that is perfect for a variety of culinary uses.

One of the standout ingredients in this loaf is the inclusion of mashed potatoes, which add moisture and richness to the bread. The potatoes create a satisfyingly soft texture, making each slice a pleasure to enjoy. In addition to the mashed potatoes, the loaf is enriched with eggs and butter, lending a hint of richness and enhancing the overall flavor.

As a versatile “white” bread, the Potato Sandwich Loaf is ideal for making delicious sandwiches, toasting, or serving alongside your favorite meals. Whether used as the foundation for a classic BLT or simply enjoyed with a spread of jam or butter, this loaf offers a delightful taste experience that pairs well with a wide array of flavors.

Product Details

flour, water, potatoes, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, yeast
made in ♡ dallas tx
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