Utz BBQ Potato Chips are a bold snack product made by Utz Quality Foods, a company with roots dating back to 1921 when William and Salie Utz founded it in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Originating as a small, family-run business, Utz has remained dedicated to producing potato chips with quality ingredients and time-honored cooking techniques.

The potato chips are crafted from select potatoes that are thinly sliced and cooked in oil to achieve a crispy texture. Utz BBQ Potato Chips are coated with a smoky and robust barbecue seasoning, delivering a burst of flavor in every bite. Free from added preservatives, these chips provide a straightforward and tasty snack experience.

Product Details

potatoes, cottonseed oil, dextrose, salt, sugar, corn flour, torula yeast, onion and garlic powders, horseradish powder, tomato powder, natural coloring (includes extractives of paprika, annatto and turmeric), spice extractives, natural smoke flavor.
made in ♡ dallas tx
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